Donations Over the Years

The Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust is proud to have raised over £100,000 towards the Teenage Cance Unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Over the years we have, thanks to the amazing generosity of so many people, been able to help make life on a  children’s cancer ward in Leicester a little more comfortable. Listed below are some of the things provided by Robbie’s Charity:

  • A large wall-hung TV for the ward day room
  • Laptop and fax machine for the doctor’s use
  • Artwork and posters to help explain to young patients what is happening to them
  • New TVs for every bed on the ward
  • Headphones
  • Video cameras for precious memories
  • Tickets for the young adults to visit the clothes show
  • Art and Craft materials for all age groups on Ward 27 (ongoing)
  • Nintendo Wiis and Wii games
  • Handheld PlayStation PSPs and memory cards
  • Xbox consoles
  • 4 x Sony Playstation consoles and handsets
  • Laptop computers
  • Games and puzzles
  • Films
  • Age-appropriate wheelchairs
  • 4 x state of the art Dyson fans
  • Digital thermometers
  • Fold up pushchairs
  • Trips to Alton Towers for the older children
  • Travelling expenses and accommodation for a family whose child was undergoing treatment in Amsterdam
  • A Bed and mattress for a young cancer patient going home
  • Distraction equipment for the Ward’s treatment rooms aimed at younger children
  • £4,646 donation to the Treatment Room’s big make-over
  • A week’s holiday in Great Yarmouth for a young cancer patient and their family
  • Karting Experience for a group undergoing treatment on the Ward
  • Donations made towards the Ward 27 Track Days at Bruntingthorpe proving Ground for all children well enough to attend and their families
  • Tesco vouchers for the purchase of toiletries and essential items needed for a stay in hospital
  • A Bladder Scanner, non-invasive, accurate and reliable, less threatening for young children
  • Blood canula scanner – providing a less painful experience for young patients
  • Donations to 2 Christmas Parties, 2016 and 2017 (ongoing)
  • 2018 trip to London to visit Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeon
  • Donations to Rainbows and The Laura Centre, which provides counselling for children and families who have lost a child to cancer
  • Donation to Camp Quality who provide activity holidays for a patient and their siblings


RACT is currently raising funds for a Therapy Room next to the children’s Oncology ward

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