Planning for 2019: A new therapy room for Leicester Royal Infirmary

The Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust would like to say thank you for the incredible support shown by all of you.

This year the charity is raising funds for a bespoke Therapy Room at Leicester Royal Infirmary which will be sited by the reception desk to the children’s oncology ward and teenage cancer unit.

This will provide a haven and refuge for the children and young adults who sadly are undergoing treatment, often long, painful and frightening, for cancer, a time in their young lives where the normal has been put on hold, perhaps indefinitely.

The Therapy Room will offer a totally “un-ward-like” space that is beautiful and relaxing, fitted to the standard you would expect from an upmarket spa retreat. Trained staff will be on hand to provide sensory experiences for the younger children and massage, Reiki, hair, nail and beauty treatments for the older ones. It will be a place where they can take a friend or family to share in an experience that will make their stay in hospital a little more bearable.

We are all so excited about the huge benefits that this room will provide. It is a fact that clinical treatments accompanied by a strong psychological positivity by the patient really helps. We feel that the Therapy Room, which should be completed by early Spring 2019, will make a significant impact in this way and provide a happier environment for those who are facing cancer at such a young age.

Thank you again for your generosity. You are all amazing.

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